Sunday, April 6, 2008

Earth Day 2008

Earth Day 2008

From: coordinatorsoffice, 2 minutes ago

This is our project for Infotech 2008 (Los Angeles Unified School District Educational Technology Conference) This is what we have learned about Earth Day. We even recorded our voice over the slides.

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Mathew said...

See you at InfoTech!

Mr. Kimmi said...

Looks great. Let us know how it goes over. A couple of questions: Is Earth Day a really big deal in LA or is it something you have taken on personally? Here in Kansas it is almost an after thought? I wonder why that is?

Jose Rodriguez said...

Earth Day unfortunately isn't a big deal :-( At least in our schools it isn't a priority. The major events at my school are; Halloween Parade, Holiday program, Literacy Week, Math Night, and Dance Festival. I am participating in Earth Groceries project and hope to bring my school on board. It starts one teacher at a time.