Sunday, July 26, 2009

"The First Annual Lee Baber Jamboree – Win a community" post by Dave Cormier

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"The First Annual Lee Baber Jamboree – Win a community." by Dave Cormier

It's been a while but, I think we way may have something for you folks. As part of k12 Online Conference for 2009 we (k12online conveners and friends) are having a Pre-Conference virtual LAN party. Why not combine two cool events and offer the Best of K12onlineconference to coincide with the Lee Baber Jamboree? So, this is the plan: We are going to host a virtual LAN party at EdTechTalk on Saturday September 26, 2009. We will start on or about 14:00 GMT and go on for about 8 hours. In our webcasting studios we will be featuring the best of K12Online from years past 2006-08. As part of this event we will be dedicating one hour.. perhaps in the middle or maybe to culminate the event to the Best of Lee Baber. and to piggyback on Dave Comier's idea of win a community, we wil be announcing the 1st honarary winner of this event. I know everything sounds a bit sketchy.. to start out join us this next Thursday at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern on Edtech Brainstorm at Where we will give more details.

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dkuropatwa said...

Brilliant. On all fronts. You guys rock!