Saturday, July 25, 2009

“Tinkering Toward Utopia” - Post by Will Richardson

This is my response to “Tinkering Toward Utopia” by Will Richardson.

I've been trying to frame my mind around school reform for quiet some time. This is especially true after spending some time out of the classroom. I do agree that there has to be a fundamental shift on how we look at change for our schools. This whole idea that schools can shift towards being more of social systems and learning organizations. Rather than being bureaucracies and operating systems. Will change come from innovations? Sure, as long as we (teachers) are comfortable in learning and relearning with those we network face to face and on the web. But, more importantly model and mentor our own students in this process. For me there needs to be a change in the way I seek professional development. It cannot only be the prepacked deal I get from meeting at my school or local district. It needs to be a blended approach where I take my local school or grade focus and what I learn with my network on the web and construct what I need to do with my students. As far as reform/transformation, it's all about making this a reality for myself and then helping others (teachers at my school and district) come along with me.


Carlos D said...

Jose, have you heard what they have done with our old high school.They call it high school inc. now. Apparently it is set up to work like a European model where students are taught trades at the high school level. What do you think?

Carlos D..

Jose Rodriguez said...

I think the idea is good, but it should be run by the teachers, parents and community (the public) themselves and not an outside entity. It's like selling our schools to the highest bidders. What are your thoughts?