Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Getting Ready For CUE

Last day before I head out for CUE. I've been to CUE several times, but it's been a few years since I've had a chance to go. I first attended CUE during my first year as a teacher back..... in 97. It seemed kind of overwhelming and chaotic. I wasn't sure what everybody was so excited about. I did see some cool stuff, but not sure how I would use it in my classroom. A few years after that CUE moved down to Anaheim, California. It was a lot closer to my work in L.A. I attended twice then. By this time I was starting to use some old Pentium II's in my classroom and we had internet connection at school. I would download freeware and use on these computers. At this time I also bought Kidpix and Kidspiration to use with my students. The sessions that I remember the most were David Thornburg giving a hippie tech talk. I also enjoyed one session given by Peter Reynolds from Fablevision and how he was using a tablet to draw on a screen.

Now a few years later, I am going back to CUE. Since then I have been out of the classroom and now back again. I have built my network with social networking sites like edtechtalk and twitter. I am hoping to meet F2F some of these educators these next couple of days. I have high expectations. I am looking forward to connecting with other educators and enjoying a few days out in the sun!


Mathew said...

See you there! It's my first but I've been watching from afar for awhile.

Lore said...

I posted to your other blog, but wanted to say again, congratulations on being CUELA's Teacher of the Year.
I, too, remember hearing David Thornburg at CUE in Palm Springs many moons again, and found him to be inspirational and mind-expanding in thinking about technology and education.
P.S. Thanks for checking out my blogs. I like the Dance Mat typing, as well.