Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Power of Your Network

I spent most of the day hanging out at the Bloggers Cafe. The exhibit hall was your usual conference vendors pushing the next miracle cure to our NCLB woes. I did get a chance to add a few cool pens to my collection. The ISTE booth had good books. I couldn't walk away without some good reading and I bought a book on project based learning. It'll be my commute reading for the next couple of weeks.

I had scheduled a webcast on Edtechtalk Brainstorm with Doug Symington. Now this was the highlight of my evening. We did a live report from CUE2008. We started with a small group sharing our CUE experience. During the show people started to walk by the Bloggers Cafe and stopping to see what all the fuss was about. We stopped a few and had them come on the show. It was pretty cool to get so many people involved in the conversation.

On Friday I'll be attending a CUE-LA meeting. My edtech coordinators nominated me to receive an award. I get my 5 minutes of fame and glory. It's just like accepting an Oscar :-) I figured I'd talk about MY network; EdtechTalk.

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